SnapOnAir Mini Kit V1.2


SnapOnAir MINI V1.2 (Purchase now!)

The SnapOnAir Mini is the simplest version of our line of Communicator. It was mostly made for development purpose.

  • An ESP32 DEV Board
  • A RFM95 Transceiver chip
  • A 0.96″ SSD1306 OLED Display
  • An small antenna
  • 5 buttons

The SnapOnAir Mini comes with an opensource virtual keyboard library.

Available on backorder


First and simplest SnapOnAir device electronic kit for the ones who want to discover and experiment. You need soldering skills.

The kit contains

  • The 0.96″ oled display
  • The RFM95 transceiver chip (868 ONLY at the moment / But we will import 915 soon)
  • The 868/915 Mhz Antenna
  • The 4 smd buttons

You will have to purchase SMD RESISTORS (1206 model hand soldering) on your own
You will have to purchase SMD 1205 capacitors on your own also . Not included
You will also have to purchase the ESP32 DEV Board (ESP32 DEV Board link)

See diagram for soldering


GitHub Kicad files and gerber:

Github Arduino IDE sample code for controling the Kb:

GitHub beta source code for the walkie talkie functions: Arduino beta source code for developing the WT



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