The SnapOnAir Lora pager project is a personal creation started in 2017 during a trip in Mauritius island. I’m Philippe CADIC, a medical Doctor in France, with a 35 years old passion: electronic and computer coding. I wanted a LORA/MESH small tool to communicate besides SIM CARD controlled networks. Something really free and capable of helping people in emergency situation or just helping people to communicated freely. I’ve been sysOp of BBS in the past (1990, before the internet was democratized). We used to exchange text message through a network called FIDONET. I just want to rebuild a modern Fidonet over wireless lora/MESH systems. I want all this OPENSOURCE and OPENHARDWARE. It is my first attempt to create a complex PCB. That’s a great challenge but so exciting. What was only a single device creation challenge became a creation of a collection of 5 different communicators around the same concept.